Day 75 – it ends in rain

July 7th
Miles: 1040.0 to 1064.9

In my tent and it is raining outside.  Did a full 25 and caught up with Bugs, this section is easy to blaze.

Left Waffles and his girlfriend this morning, they are not doing miles we need to do now.

Pretty section,  managed to take some pics even though my battery is barely charged.


Saw some ladies who were five miles out from any road looking at the flowers we walked through today. It was like a garden, and they were having a blast out there chatting.


Rain stared earlier but I busted ass to the next camp site and there was Bugs.

Hopefully some sun tomorrow so I can charge this phone.

Get into the tent and hear some birds freaking out, going “sqaw! sqaw!” And dive bombing something by the water. Across the lake there is a loud “Rawwwwr!” Which I recognize as a bear, probably upset with the crazy birds.

“What was that!”, Bugs says from his tent.

“A male deer.” I say, so as not to alarm him.

A few minutes pass, I am listening to where the birds are dive bombing at.

“Rawwwwr! ” this time from our side of the lake. Then a “Rawwwr!” Answer from the far side again.

Oh man, we got two trouble-maker bears who live here.

“Rawwwwr!” Again.

And so started the night.

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