Day 76 – long hikes in flowers, losing 35lbs

July 8th
Miles: 1064.9 to 1089.3

“Rawwwwr! ” The bears went all night, with the birds squawking at them and them crashing around.

The moon was half and there was light,  the birds were attacking all night “skwak! Sqwawk!” and the bears were making noise at them “Rawwwwr rrrrrr *crash*”

I was so tired from doing the 25 that I actually slept well, unless the battle raged too close, which it did on several occasions.

Got up very early and got hiking, I knew today would be tough to keep the pace. I was right,  the 24 today hurt, though I could have made it to the highway and done 28 if needed.

Stopped at the Carson pass visitor center for lunch, they got us water and gave us some clementines. Day hikers came by and looked at us oddly, some watched us eat, a few chatted with some. I read the trail register and got depressed with all the people I know who are so far ahead now.

They had a scale at the visitor center and I weighed myself, I clock in at 167 pounds now (after eating a ton), I was right at 200 at the border.

I wanted to try something new with my solar charger and left it sideways on top of my pack instead of downward on the back. I left my phone there off all day and it worked, my phone is 40% charged. So I was able to complete some of the past posts I had just put notes on before.

Much of the day was through flowering hillsides on the way to South Lake Tahoe. The kind people would pay much money to see in a city, I noted, they are perhaps better than most planned gardens, the randomness giving character in unexpected ways.

Got to camp a few miles before the road and got set up, ate and am laying in my tent with the light fading listening to the sound of planes going by overhead.  Always planes, all day,  everywhere on the trail. I think of my previous plan to travel the world for a year and how I should very much work on that when I am done here.

I am drinking lemon tea, it is amazing.

My feet are doing better, sorry this is the only picture today.


They look funky after so many miles but honestly this is an improvement.  I was getting worried. The gold bond creams once again save my feet.

However,  after 20 miles I can feel my toe injury from Agua Dulce, I think I may have done something internal and really hope it heals.

Again I thought of much to write about today but find myself too tired. I may read a bit and sleep. This is where Google glass or something similar would have been perfect, just dictate to my computer, none of this typing stuff.

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