Day 77 – into South Lake Tahoe

July 9th
Miles: 1089.3 to 1093.0

Got up and hiked down to the road,  about three miles.

A trail angel named Chipmunk was shuttling people back and forth from and to town and we waited and got a ride.

Checked into the Apex Inn and crossed the street to a Starbucks with the best wifi yet and spent some time.

Looked at mysel in the mirror and was shocked at the weight loss.


Picked up two 5600mha batteries and some other items and then ate tons and watched tv.

Went to Harrah’s casino buffet and ate tons more with a large group of hikers.


Stayed up late chatting with people online overseas and slept on the floor.

4 thoughts on “Day 77 – into South Lake Tahoe

  1. Chuck Arnold


    Great tales from the trail. Thanks for sharing. I’m a trail angel in Central Oregon. When you get to Elk Lake, drop me a note and I’ll shuttle ya’ to town for laundry, local brews, showers, et al. I go my trail name Choogle and you can reach me at:




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