Day 78 – leaving Tahoe to Aloha

July 10th
Miles: 1093 to 1100.6

Woke at 8:30, the shades were drawn and light didn’t wake me.

Got resupply at Rallys, a huge supermarket, and checked out of hotel. Currently at Starbucks getting updates and ready to leave  town.

Got a hitch up to the trail and hiked into the Echo Lake Chalet, got a milkshake and some ice cream and sofa and chilled out. Then we hiked up just past 1100 miles to Aloha lake in the rain and stopped to camp, the day was late by time we got here.

Met a lady here out hiking with her two young daughters and she had hiked the PCT in 1999 and immediately recognized us as thru-hikers and came over to talk and had her girls asking us questions and we told them all about marmots and animals and about the JMT part of the trail. They want to hike the PCT some day, it was awesome to see kids not plugged into devices and actually out enjoying spending time in nature.

The sunset over the lake was amazing g.


Now time to read and sleep, tomorrow will be a long day.

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