Day 79 – a bear!

July 11th
Miles: 1100.6 to 1125.6  (25)

Yep, I encountered my first bear. I was hiking along with my headphones on and stopped at Richardson lake, I walked down to the water and on the way I noticed a car there. Paying no mind I checked the water and it was gross near the shore and then looked left near the car and saw this guy digging at something.  I took a video and then this picture.


Right after I took the picture the bear started walking toward me and then noticed me quick and bolted off fast.

This morning we got up and said goodbye to the lady and her daughters and took off. Quickly running into a group of five teenage boys hiking who were collecting trail names and loved mine. I chatted with them a bit, they were doing their first 50 mile hike and taking six days for it. One of their fathers was shortly behind.

Further up I bumped into “Don’t axe”, a 68 year old section hiker who laughed and laughed at the stories about my tarptent troubles, and sat and talked with him for a while, then took time off again for lunch later at a lake which had some awesome trees, and I did some laundry.


Currently at around mile 23 for the day, stopping for water after the bear encounter.

Waited on Bugs and showed him the video of the bear and we hiked to camp. It is a nice camp spot,  close to water but not too close.

Today I tried my new food item, vanilla protein powder which should really help with weight loss issues — I hope so.

Going to read and sleep good.

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