Day 83 – Sierra city

July 15th
Miles: 1186.9 to 1200.8 (+3 side)


Woke up and on the walk into Sierra city spotted some deer tracks on the PCT,  this is not unusual but these looked off. After watching them for a while I spotted new tracks, a mountain lion .


Then we saw a big rattler, then another later on. (Videos on FB, will add here later).

Afterwards crossed the north fork of the Yuba river which had a great swimming hole.


The general store has all that I need and more. Was so thirsty getting in that I drank multiple sodas and got a huge burger.

Don’t want to sleep here, will spend some time to rest and eat, then back to the trail.

Found out that Waffles met up with Giggles in Tahoe and they are now about six days behind us. In PCT terms that is a long ways back.

Caught up with a bunch of hikers, want to move up another few days to catch up with some friends from way back.




Have a lot of ground to cover still and I want to get to Oregon soon.

Hiked out and did the climb out of town, found camping on a high ledge that looks like a park.


Crossed 1200 today,  very soon we hit the mid-point.


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