Day 85 – down to the feather river

July 17th
Miles: 1225.9 to 1251.5

Woke early by the stream, crammed some food into me and started hiking strong.


Made it ten miles before we knew it, and stopped for a bit before hiking on to Alder Springs for lunch where we had little caterpillars dropping down on us all over from the tall pines by the spring, they could crawl surprisingly fast.

Alder Springs has some of the best spring water on trail I have had in a while. For thru-hikers the natural ‘drinkable’ water scale goes something like Sierra-snowmelt > ‘good’ spring water > good creek water > spring water > creek water > river water > lake water and rounding out last place would be ‘pond water’ which can screw up Gatorade powder sometimes, avoid it if possible. Obviously I am not listing any totally stagnant sources or things like potable taps.


From Alder Springs it was thirteen miles down to the Feather river which has small leeches but otherwise tastes ‘okay’. There is a large group of older hikers from Tahoe here who had a blast chatting us up about the trail.

We are down to 3700 feet elevation,  it is hot and humid, we all got into the river to cool down and did laundry. For the first time in a long while all my socks are clean(ish) and both my t-shirts are also clean(ish).

Realized I have had the bottom of my feet being numb for days now, the pad part not the heel. Not sure if that means anything serious, I hope not.

Tomorrow up early … more miles, more miles, more miles.

One stop at Bucks Lake, there are trail angels there and also a restaurant and small store, I need sugar.

Realized that the first month on trail I was low blood sugar,  which is why I was having issues talking about complex topics.  Now I am all jacked up with sugar again I am babbling about projects and ideas.

I still need to do a full post about food, and one for my friend Sean on “pooping like a bear: number two and you, on the trail”

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