Day 86 – Bucks lake

July 18th
Miles: 1251.5 to 1270.2

Woke up along the River, deer wandering around, me trying to make coffee and my fuel runs out.

‘Crap!’ I exclaim, ‘all my food needs hot water, this blows’.

So I had a problem, and I needed to make a stop somewhere to get fuel.

Enter Bucks lake; it has a general store and a restaurant and that is about it. We went to the general store, got a fuel can and ate tons of ice cream and sodas and then moved to the restaurant and ate pizza and had some beers, then it was late and time for us to camp.


Luckily a dude who had hiked the AT twice and the PCT once showed up and told us to avoid the campground and showed us a place to camp near the lake.


Everything in the morning was covered in condensation but it was okay, the night was fun.

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