Day 87 – Belden

July 19th
Miles:  1270.2 to 1289.2 (+ 3 roadwalk)

Woke this morning near the lake and everything was covered in condensation and soaked. My tent, my sleeping bag, my stuff.


Hiked hard into Belden and got to the restaurant and got a sandwich and a beer, then called up the local trail angels for a ride and then here in Hiker Haven to go through my box I had here. I sent way too much, way, way too much. A lot I gave to people I am hiking with,  it helps them and I am not having to toss items into the hiker box. Still though, not sure what I was thinking, I guess I thought I would enjoy lots of mashed potatoes and spam or something.


Hung up my tent and sleeping bag to dry here, was nice to get them all good. Though I had a rooster following me around, strutting so I would know he was the boss in the area.


We went to the little store by the trail angels house and got the ‘famous’ milkshakes, they are entirely worth it, they are pure awesome. Very rich milkshake, oddly better than others I have had on trail,  and more filling.


It was so hot here we all went down to the river and swam, it was amazing being in a full on river with rocks and the water massaging your back and looking up the river at the full force of it coming at you is amazing and kind of scary albeit fun.

Going to sleep on the porch here or perhaps the floor.

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