Day 88 – potential serious issue

July 20th
Miles:1289.2 to 1308.5

So … I promised myself that I would not stay on trail if my weight got dangerously low, (155 or lower / 25% of my starting mass) and I am at ~160 right now which is down 20% from 200 pounds, I am six foot even. 


The reason is that I have a minor lung disease where I have what are called blebs on my lungs (bubbles of a sort) that can pop when I get too skinny and cause a spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung) which has happened to me before and would be extremely dangerous on the trail to have happen.


I did not expect to lose so much weight so fast. 40lbs is a lot, 1/5th of my total starting weight and the pounds are in free fall still. I had just ate when I took the picture above and am in clothes. To put it into perspective,  my pack when fully loaded with food and water is about 30 pounds.

I am going to have to reassess in Ashland,  which is fitting as that is where I was last hospitalized for a collapsed lung. If I am around 150 there then I need to stop. I am putting olive oil on my food,  eating tons of candies and bars. I even make protein powder shakes every day and eat nonstop in towns.

I am not sure what else to do.

Gah! … it would break my heart to have to go off trail for this. Though I have to be careful of my health, a pneumothorax would be a three day hospital stay and run me to the tune of 30-50k.

Waiting for Belden town store to open, checking wifi.


Anyway, hiked out of Belden today, it was a huge climb that took until 4pm to be done with. 

Passed 1300 today.


Mountain Spice joined us, she is a previous AT thru-hiker and has hiked a lot.

Made it here to Cold Spring (aptly named) and we all decided to camp.


There is thunder in the distance,  we may get rain later.

2 thoughts on “Day 88 – potential serious issue

  1. sharon

    Hi I’m wanting to hike early next year . Coming from OZ I’m a bit concerned about the Wolfs I’m told the re introduction has been very ssuccessful do you see any is there reason to be concerned



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