Day 89 – halfway, ulcers

July 21st
Miles: 1308.5 to 1331.9

Made it to the mileage halfway point today felling very very ill. Had some slow energy drain issues the last few days that other people noticed.



After a lot of considering about what could be wrong, why I am losing so much weight and feel like hell, I ran an ulcer test, (basically down some strong Emergen-C and see where/if it hurts, and it did) and I have one. It is in the same spot as I always used to get them.  It has been a long while, basically since back when I smoked,  that I have had one. It has been longer since then that I have had one like this. The last took me down to 145 pounds before I went to the doctor.


I am really upset because I need to get off trail to deal with this,  it is trashing my immune system,  my energy, my thinking … everything.  It is like all my energy is sapped now,  I can barely hike anymore, and I feel that I am getting sick.


My plan now is to exit out and go up to Oregon and get medicine for this and see if i can rebound some,  then ‘perhaps’ join back up in or after Ashland and do the Crater Lake and Eagle Creek sections at least. Though I don’t know, I am down a lot of weight and feel horrible. Rebounding from these is rough.

Basically my thru-hike is over because of this and it sucks because there is nothing I can do now,  I thought I was done with ulcers and was too busy worried about pain in my feet and legs to think of pain elsewhere.

This blows. I am not happy at all about this.

Made it three months, tomorrow is 90 days out, through the desert,  the Sierra and JMT and most of northern California. All told 1335 miles of hiking before this got me.

Will see, I need to take care of myself and not be stupid about my health.

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