Day 90 – off trail

July 22nd
Miles:  1331.9 to 1335.4 (plus a mile in, then back)

Woke this morning determine not to go off trail.

“I can make it to Ashland” I tell Bugs, putting on a brave face and determined to not go off trail.

We hike down to the highway and the hiker boxes are empty, no magic.  Guys are having issues getting hitches to Chester,  I think I have made the right choice. I stop, eat some food and then start to hike on.

One mile in my stomach flips and I get dizzy and almost fall. I stand there in disbelief for what seems like ages.

“It is over” I think, scared and sad and very mad.

I let some other guys know to tell Bugs and Wisdom and I turn around and take a painful step back to the highway.

“Over… over. ..” I think, so mad I didn’t notice the signs earlier. “Damn me! Damn it! Arghhhh!!!!”

I hitch to Chester.

After a long time I get a ride from a mail delivery guy to Red Bluff because there is no bus. Seriously … “meet Steve in back of the post office and give him $20 and he will take you.”

I buy a ticket to Medford.

Now I wait for the bus.

The idea, as it stands now, is to get back to Coos Bay,  rest up, take care of business I need to deal with,  then go to Ashland and try to meet up with trail friends,  and ‘hopefully’ rejoin them for at least some parts.

I feel horrible … being off trail makes me feel more so.

This is not how this was supposed to play out.

“This sucks”

5 thoughts on “Day 90 – off trail

  1. Ellen

    Oh man. I feel for you. So sorry for you that this has all happened…BUT look on the bright side, look how far you have come and what all you have seen. You are so right on taking care of yourself. Better to do that than suffer the consequences. Perhaps you can visit and do sections the rest of this year and next year pick up where you left off this year. Hope healing and gaining weight goes well.


    1. joeldg Post author

      Thanks, yea I hope to be back ASAP and will need to go back and do the chunk I will miss.. Luckily it is near where my parents live and starts where I used to live.


  2. Lindy Foster

    You really can’t mess around with ulcers, those suckers can kill you quickly if they perforate. It sounds like you accurately diagnosed the problem and man did you look skinny in those later pictures! I know you’re disappointed, but you’ve already managed a huge feat that very few can accomplish! Feel free to come up and visit if/when you feel up to it.
    –Lindy and Rip



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