[off trail] – healing up, itching to be back

July 25th

I am itching to be back on trail but I am still very wiped out. The plan as it is now is that this next Wednesday, July 30th or even the 31st, I am going to see about getting back to Ashland and wait there for some friends to show up and have a rental car to help drive them around. Then if (and only if) I am feeling 100% I will rejoin them on the trail and continue from Ashland, after Canada I will return and complete the missed section southbound. This is to keep my Canada entry time roughly correct and avoid the snow which I could not do with this time off trail for a major health issue.

Currently at my parents house here in Oregon trying to recuperate with medicine for my ulcer(s) and lots of food. Was feeling like I was getting soft or something and so walked to the next town over today (about eight miles) with no pack and then promptly realized I had made a mistake in thinking I was good to take a long walk, I am still am not there yet, not close, though I got to see some friends so that was good.

It is entirely possible that I will not be up to going back out on trail in time and I am prepared to accept that possibility — with a lot of cursing, but accept it I will — so I do not put myself at any further risk. This is my least desired outcome and I am really hoping to be healed up and good to go next week.

Either way I am going to do some angeling in Ashland and will be giving people rides next week. If I can’t be back on trail then some trail magic will happen at the highway!


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