[off trail] – calling it a scratch

July 30th

I have had time where I should have had enough to start feeling better and at this point I am still feeling exhausted and sick. I have taken medicine for a week, some powerful ulcer medication, but it has only made minor improvements to how I feel.

I am still waking up exhausted and feel like I may need ‘at least’ another week so, I hate saying this but I need to call it a scratch at this point and will need to section hike other parts at some other point in time later down the line.

I lost enough weight and seem to have left myself vulnerable to sickness. I came down with some poison oak on my leg several days after going off trail which I didn’t get on the trail even though I know I brushed it with my legs and arms. I have a cold of some kind of mild flu which seems to keep going and could be part of why I feel like crap.

It sucks, it really sucks, but I am okay with it, there is no way I can go back out like this and so there is really not any options for me for hiking now.

What can you do?

Tomorrow I pick up a rental car and am going to do a bit of travel around and will see PCT friends in Ashland and will be available to give rides around town (REI) starting on Friday afternoon.

I will be updating my posts with tons of videos and will be going through to proof and add in more information on each one, also I will be adding an index for this hike and will be updating my gear list which radically changed from what I initially brought with me and it should be noted that many of those items I discarded, some failed and some were replaced or duplicated.

I will make posts about it obviously.

4 thoughts on “[off trail] – calling it a scratch

  1. Redhank

    Hi, really sorry for the state of things for you. That sucks. But you did more than the majority of all other humans on earth will ever do. Certainly you will complete the PCT in the future! I have enjoyed following you and several other hikers’ journeys from my cozy apt here in Brooklyn, NY. I hope to PCT in ’15. I look forward to your upcoming posts (especially gear reviews if you do one) Congrats on what you have accomplished!… and your spirit for dealing. All the best.


  2. placeofd

    Sounds like you made the only decision there was. Been reading your blog with great interest. Feel better soon and get back out there when you feel ready for it!
    //Daniel (friend of that bearded swede you met on the trail)


  3. Julie Lindsey

    Hi Joel, I haven’t been online much and just came on your site to check in on you. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I hope a break will have you feeling better soon. Are you planning to make it up our way in the rental car? If so, please come see us and stay a couple days, we’d love to hear your tales of adventure.
    big sis Julie



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