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Two years off trail, wow…

It looks like this years batch of PCT hikers have all finished the trail and I have been talking with friends who are going to be hiking next year. The Class of 2017 Facebook groups have been set up, people are joining the roster and talking about start dates. They are making their lists, weighing packs and doing test hikes. Exciting stuff, and I have two good friends/ex-coworkers who will be hiking next year.

To follow up on my last post on this blog, I did go down to Costa Rica but ended up coming back to LA in a rather massive change of plans and life adjustment (see below). I’m still at the same company and just wrote an extensive article there on creating robust application in the cloud. Life is going very well.

This year in April I volunteered up at Hiker Heaven during the busiest time and really enjoyed myself driving people around and walking people through the wonder that truly makes the Saufley’s house a “Hiker Heaven”. I intend to back up there again next spring with my new four-door Jeep (I’ll take off the doors) driving people around.

In other news, I have a baby boy on the way, he will be coming into the world on or near March 10th, and will be named “Indiana” and I could not be more excited and ready for anything in my life. His arrival is going to curtail any long-distance hiking I had been considering and put a lot of that on hold. But, I am okay with smaller hikes for now, and once he is older I can get him out there hiking with me.

I still have been hiking often here in Southern California, just this last week I did the 8.4 mile hike to ‘The Bridge to Nowhere’ in 3 hours (with a stop for food) which is actually an improvement on my PCT standard hiking speed. Previous to that I have out on the Backbone Trail in the Santa Monica mountains and have done the various loops out there, 4m, 6.2, 7.8 and so on. I have a bunch of hikes in planning, Cucamonga peak trail, California riding trail, and PCT sections and loops I want to do. So, I am still out there quite a bit.

Every day I still think about some of the things you learn on the trail, the lessons, the changes that it made it me, the challenges and the victories, both small and large. If you do the PCT, and I could not recommend more that someone do something like the PCT,  it will change your life for the better and you will never ever, not even once, regret it.

I may be making a move, late next year, to outside of Atlanta–it is looking like that is the plan anyway. I will be there at the base of the AT, so I will be section hiking that trail and will need to find opportunities to trail angel out there as well.

For those of your who didn’t know, one of my hiking buddies ‘Kokopelli’ died this last year, he was something else and really was great to talk to on the trail, you can see him featured on the Do More With Less video in a few spots. This video is WELL worth your time to watch I saw these guys filming all over the trail that year, glad to see the finished product.

Happy trails.

-Room Service